Where should Amadeus Pro be stored?

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Where should Amadeus Pro be stored?

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I find a copy of the Amadeus Pro app in both the Macintosh HD>Application folder and in my User>Application folder.Where should the only copy be stored?

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Re: Where should Amadeus Pro be stored?

Post by markw »

Macs have multiple Applications folders, how many and where will to some extent depend on how many User Accounts there are on any given computer.
Apps that you see in: User’s Home Folder > Applications are only visible and available to that user.
Apps in Macintosh HD > Applications are seen by and available to all users of the computer.
As I have no other user accounts on my system AP, and all other apps, have always defaulted to installing into: Macintosh HD > Applications.

This video has a good overview of the different Applications folders found on Macs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzz9VgSUwZU
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