Why can\'t I convert base 16-bit 16 Khz file and twin MP3 fi

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maurice mines

Why can\'t I convert base 16-bit 16 Khz file and twin MP3 fi

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Good morning Sir, below I will detail the steps that I went through that created the problem.

One, highlighted the file that ended in a wave extension. Go down to save a copy as. Two, went to the list of potential file conversion target file formats. In this case I picked 3. I went into settings, and checked the quality, the bit rate, and what engine was going to be used to do the conversion. 4. I selected ok, then I navigated to the button that says save. At that point the program is supposed to convert the source file. Please note that the file location that I picked to place they converted file and was my desktop.

Those are the steps that I went through to attempt to convert the file. And unfortunately did conversion in the correct file with the correct extension however 427 bytes and file size from a file that was 75 Meg originally a wave audio, somehow it doesn’t seem like that file would work out to be playable. Do you need any more information?

Sincerely Maurice Mines.
PS hopefully this message reaches you at the correct time of day I’m assuming that you are in Australia. Where I believe it should be fairly early in the morning on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
On Jun 9, 2020, at 13:25, Martin Hairer <Martin@HairerSoft.com> wrote:

Could you send me a link to a sample Wave file that shows this behaviour together with *precise* step-by-step instructions on how to trigger the problem? Regards,



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