Batch Process or Macro Automation question

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Batch Process or Macro Automation question

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I have a question: i would like to know if it is possible to automate the following idea - process with Amadeus Pro.

I want to automatically slice up / cut up any audio file based on the Gain, threshold, so as to automatically remove all content below a certain variable DB level, say 50db (that number being a variable) and save the resulting audio into seperate files, the start + end points of each new file being the points where the Gain of the original file crosses the threshold into the negative, and all the audio data below the threshold is deleted.

I am often recording a single take of myself making sounds on a synthesizer or other sound source and later opening up this long WAV file and editing it into many smaller "single shot" WAV files manually.. and this works, but i would like to be able to automate the repetitive parts of this process.

something similar to the "smart split" feature adverised in this app -

i had a look at some batch processing things in Amadeus Pro but was not able to find an action to do this.

thank you!

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