Too many UAD & IK Multimedia showing up

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Too many UAD & IK Multimedia showing up

Post by musicalbox23 »

Hello all

I really don't like the way UAD & IKM approach authorization:

Install everything, unlock what you've paid for, and sift through all of it when you're working. I can't ever remember what I've bought, so I get frustrated and end up avoiding them all. In Logic I have to manually filter out the plugs I don't own, but at least I'm left with a list of plugs that all actually work.

Any way to get the same results in AP?

Many thanks!

P.S. Having the Effect menu list the plugins alphabetically is a good idea, but separating lower case from upper case puts iZotope and u-he (in my particular case) at the very bottom of the list. Polite request to remove that sorting protocol, please?

Thanks again!

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