Amadeus as PodCast tool?

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Amadeus as PodCast tool?

Post by kkrabat »

Presently on OSX 11 El Capitan, but that will probably change soon to High Sierra.
Samsung A20e w Android 10.
I have licenses to Amadeus, Audio HiJack, Piezo, and BoomRecorder
I am thinking about returning to Greek islands to do volunteer work for asylum seekers in camps there.
It would be a pleasant addition to add a daily podcast. This means that is has to be a real fast edit, from initial recording to upload.

In order to figure out my needs I have looked at other apps. And I really like Hindenburg for the ability to save voice settings (up to 6 (fixed) plugin settings). Is there a way to do the same in Amadeus (which I've used for simple editing and effects-addition for many years)?

Also Hindenburg: automatic adjustment btw different voice, sound, music sources. Amadeus?

Hindeburg makes the process of production and finished upload to (paid) server very focused, but the whole shebang seems kinda made with the purpose of making people fork out for hosting. Can you suggest an addition app to go with production in Amadeus? I wish to continue to self-host (FTP), and offer via Apple (as I'm already there - even though I despise the manual podcast script...)

How can I make it easy for myself to continue using Amadeus - also to train other people doing it? When I leave the islands, I wish to leave the equipment for others to (easily) use.

Also, lightweight XLR-mics recommended? (RØDE?) Through a small mixer w phantom power.

best, k

PS: Is there an official Amadeus Podcast recommendation/manual anywhere?

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