Is Amadeus Pro dead

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Is Amadeus Pro dead

Post by Ilkleyman »

I am getting worried about the complete lack of support. I emailed a message two weeks ago to support, but got no reply. I tried again a few days ago, but still no reply.

I've sent PMs, posted on the forum, and then I figured maybe I'd try Facebook, but it looks like nobody has been posted anything on there for years.

I've been using Amadeus Pro for years and love it, but I am proper worried that it is finished, which would be so sad as IMHO it is so much easier to use for my needs than anything since CoolEdit back in the day.

I have to confess I've been looking around for something else to move to, which I don't want to do, but if Amadeus Pro has come to an end then needs must.

If there is anyone there, who could get back to me I'd be most grateful, or any other active users who are aware of the current status of the software.

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Re: Is Amadeus Pro dead

Post by Martin Hairer »

No, it's not dead, it's just that this is a side project for me so although I try to be responsive I cannot always respond immediately. Sorry it took longer than usual in your case.

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