Stretching the Length of an Audio Clip Without Distortion?

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Stretching the Length of an Audio Clip Without Distortion?

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Greetings Fellow AP Users,

I'm looking for the best way to Stretch the Length of an Audio Clip WITHOUT Distorting the Audio - in particular, if the original clip is just a short 2 second sample of a Chord or Single Note. When highlighting a clip and using the "Change Pitch & Speed" Effect and attempting to Stretch the length of that clip, the result is NOT an even tone and is quite Distorted! I'm just looking for the easiest method in AP, in which to take a 2 second
Chord or Single Note or Tone and Stretch it to 6 to 10 seconds or longer, without the resulting Sound of the Clip - clipping or distorting, which is the only result I have experienced?

Any thoughts on this, would be greatly appreciated!
Many Thanks!
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