Prevent preventing sleep

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Prevent preventing sleep

Post by markknopper »

It appears that Amadeus Pro prevents my Macbook Pro from going to sleep, according to the command 'pmset -g':

mak@bulbous10 ~ % pmset -g
System-wide power settings:
Currently in use:
sleep 0 (sleep prevented by backupd, backupd, Amadeus Pro, sharingd)

I would like to allow my mac to go to sleep even if Amadeus is open (maybe not if it is actually playing though). Is there a way it can do that? Perhaps a preference option?

Mark (very long time user of the excellent Amadeus Pro app)

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Re: Prevent preventing sleep

Post by Martin Hairer »

This is indeed a bug, thanks a lot for reporting it! I tracked it down and it's very easy to fix, so that should be included in version 2.8.6.

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