Trouble Navigating A Document For Editing, Using Keyboard Commands

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Trouble Navigating A Document For Editing, Using Keyboard Commands

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New here, but have had Amadeus Pro for a pretty long time. It's a great editor, probably way more than I actually need for my usually simple needs :)

So here's my dilemma. I'm trying to edit some MP3 files, but it seems that after initially being able to fast forward/rewind through them, at some point this becomes unreliable. I believe it's after I drop my first marker. It may be after I then delete a section of audio. Here's a bit more detail:
* System : MacBook Air with M1 processor (one of the new ones...), 8GB RAM/500GB SSD
* OS: MacOS Monterey 12.0 Beta
* Note that I'm a VoiceOver user, so must navigate the interface strictly with keyboard commands.

To reproduce:
* Open an MP3 file.
* Start playback with Tab.
* Find a spot to mark: note that rewind and fast forward with left/right arrows works as expected, with left going backwards and right going forwards, press the space bar to pause, then cmd+y to move the insertion point to the play head.
* Press p to drop a marker.
* CMD+Left arrow to select to the beginning of the file.
* Check the edit with e, then press Delete to delete the selected audio.

Here's where the trouble starts.
* Press Tab to start playback at the new beginning.
* Use right and left arrows to fast forward or rewind through the file. Note that the left arrow also seems to move forward, and the amount by which the arrows move seems to be unpredictable. Also, if you press Space to pause, then again to restart, you aren't restarting at the spot where you paused.
* Jump to the end of the file with Option+End (or, in this case, Option+FN+Right arrow). Then cmd+y to move the play head to the insertion point.
* Try to navigate backwards with the Left arrow. You may get backwards some, but you may not. If you do, predictably navigating forwards again does not appear to be possible. Further, sometimes the file will only play a couple seconds of audio. I haven't found the pattern for this.

With all of this in mind, making more than one edit seems to be impossible for me.

I'm sure this isn't the case, but what am I missing?

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