Using Amadeus with Mac OS Monterey

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Using Amadeus with Mac OS Monterey

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I suspect it is a problem I have because of using the beta of the operating system. I'm getting weird behaviour when recording and with playback.

I just recorded my voice and it stopped recording after a while and I only found out when I clicked on Stop and played it back.

Also at times it will not playback what is showing in the editing window. Plays some of it and it doesn't fit with how the cursor is moving though the time line.

It could be the beta OS causing the problem or maybe I did something else to mess it up. The only other audio thing I changed recently was to add a audio device Behringer U-PHORIA UM2. Perhaps that added something which messed stuff up.

I will have to be patient and see what happens when the OS comes out of beta and Martin does his magic with the app to make it Mac OS Monterey compatible. The joys of choosing to run a beta...

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