Bug Reporting Guidelines

Even though I make every possible effort to track down bugs before a new version of Amadeus Pro is released, the complexity of the project makes it unavoidable that some of them slip through.

If you believe that you found a bug in Amadeus Pro, please report it to me at Martin@HairerSoft.com and I will try to correct it. However, please make sure to respect the following guidelines that will make things so much easier for me (and for you since I will be able to provide you with a more useful reply):

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of Amadeus Pro. It may well be that the bug has already been corrected! Please do however confirm in your email that you are indeed using the latest version of Amadeus Pro.
  • Please check the FAQ (lite or pro)and read the manual to make sure that your bug is not a well-known problem. Example: don't report the fact that Amadeus Pro cannot read protected AAC files or that Amadeus II doesn't run properly on Intel computers!
  • Describe the bug in a short but precise way and include detailed instructions on how to reproduce it. State precisely what the observed consequences of your manipulations are and what consequences you expected instead.
  • Include as much relevant information as possible. This usually comprises at least the version of your operating system and the characteristics of the sound you were working with when the bug occured. Example: if the bug concerns the recording functions, state precisely what hardware you are using for recording.
  • If the bug leads to a crash of Amadeus Pro, it is extremely helpful to include the crash log generated by the system. This is a file with a name like Amadeus Pro.crash.log (MacOS 10.4) or Amadeus Pro_CurrentDate_MachineName.crash (MacOS 10.5 and 10.6) that can be found in the folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.